1000 Vases (Skira Books)

I’m happy to see my Spur Vases and Triple Polypore Vases featured in the new Skira Books release, 1000 Vases (Volume One by Meet My Project and Pier Paolo Pitacco).

Carey Lowell - Airmail

We loved her as a model, we loved her as an actress, but we really love Carey Lowell as a ceramist.

Humming Bird Ceramics at Lingua Franca

Introducing Humming Bird Ceramics: Last year at a dinner, my friend, Carey Lowell, told me about her small company, Hummingbird Ceramics – handmade pieces made in the most serene studio setting in Katonah, NY – and I was intrigued.

Three alums of the long-running TV franchise are getting creative offscreen.

As evidence that actors are often radically different from their onscreen personae, Lowell has been quietly making pottery ever since she was introduced to clay in high school some 35 years ago.