Carey Lowell - Airmail

We loved her as a model, we loved her as an actress, but we really love Carey Lowell as a ceramist.

It turns out that Lowell has had a thing for clay since she discovered it in her Colorado-high-school art class. Now, with her ceramics brand, she’s dealing in porcelain—throwing it, slipcasting it, hand-building it, et cetera—and the results are difficult to resist, especially for those of us who live with a chronic desire to beautify our tables. Curved trays tipped in blue, hexagon-shaped bowls painted with small wildflowers, smooth cups festooned with daffodils—there’s a lot to love. Lowell has shown her pieces at Celadon Gallery, in Water Mill, and Greenwich House Pottery, in Manhattan, but for the time being, some of them are also click-to-buyable.

( - Ashley Baker